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I grew up in California surrounded by music and theatre. Both of my siblings and I developed our love for performing while living at home!

Hello Friends!

My name is James Hayakawa (he/him), and I am a performer, writer, and storyteller!  

After graduating high school, I moved to Muncie, IN to attend Ball State University (chirp chirp) and earned my BFA in Musical Theatre! Since then I have graduated and live in the great city of Chicago!

Outside of the theatrical realm, I am a history buff - either reading or listening to podcasts on history! 

Also, I am a huge geek, playing and GMing tabletop roleplaying games, as well as video games and other nerdy things!

I am passionate about art that elevates the stories of marginalized communities. As a biracial artist, it is vital that I find and tell the stories that resonate with my identity and my culture.

I also love making art about nerdy and geeky topics (history, science, video games, D&D, etc.)

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